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Why we should work together

Before the first 4 decades of my life, I felt trapped by the hustling, perfecting, performing, pleasing and a never ending “to do list” that called my name in the middle of the night. Yes, literally! I even kept a pad of sticky notes (1 for work and 1 for home) on my night table… I wasn’t aware that being “super-busy” was a way of numbing out. The exhaustion came in many forms and I thought I was “keeping it altogether.” I know what is feels like to spend decades in the façade of society’s messages and how engaged we can become with worry over “what other people think.” At times it was a painful process learning to “let go” of what wasn’t working. Today, I am lighter, more joyful and feel success from the inside out! Trust me! I get you. I’ve been there and I found my way out! I put my boxing gloves on!

How am I going to get you there?

Put YOUR boxing gloves on. I will help you define and live success in your life. It takes great courage to share who we truly are with someone and I believe every single person on this planet has an opportunity within struggle. I believe without question that your burning desire for change is right around the corner and I want to partner up with you to get you around the bend. I want to watch you step into your own courage and answers. You will meet success face-to-face and enjoy life in a new way! 

Why am I passionate in helping others?

One of the greatest gifts in life is to be in a place where we can be exactly who we are without judgment. Seeing you step into your life with less fear, more clarity and confidence, less desire to please others while stepping into yourself in your personal and professional life with confidence is life changing.

Providing confidential, compassionate and safe relationships is my greatest strength and honor. While compassion is what fires me up, holding you capable will jump start you into moving forward.


Avg session cost: $120 - $150  Sliding Scale: Yes
Accepts Insurance: Yes
Payment Options: ACH Bank transfer, Cash, Check, Paypal



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