Why should we work together?

Throughout life, I "stumbled and struggled" to find out what was "missing." During those struggles I found meaning. After a divorce, I found myself travelling (age 35) with my big blue backpack. On the trip, during times of reflection, I began to look at my life and myself differently. After a year of travelling, I recognized that only I can create my life and that there are countless possibilities and choices.  Now I "reality check" my thoughts, get honest about my fear, and stretch myself beyond old "limits" professionally and personally. Often I am brave and afraid. I truly feel alive. You can too! Together we can focus on clarity and taking action to get you inspired! If not now, then when? 

 How am I going to get you there?

Our partnership will begin with building trust and safety while digging into clarity and awareness. Momentum is key. You will experience opportunity, challenge, find gaps and set goals.  There will be moments where you will tire from finding answers as well as laughs along the way. You will utilize your strengths and breathe into being imperfect. You will live more deliberately with strong boundaries and more freedom!

As an ICF Certified Professional Coach, a Daring Way™ Facilitator, a Lead Without a Title™ Facilitator, and an Educator of 20 years, my goal is to empower, liberate and inspire through partnership to enhance lives personally and professionally.

Why am I passionate in helping others?

Before 40, I felt trapped by the hustling, perfecting, performing, pleasing and a never ending “to do list” that called my name in the middle of the night. Yes, literally! I even kept a pad of sticky notes (1-work & 1 - home) on my night table… I wasn’t aware that being “super-busy” was a way of numbing out. The exhaustion came in many forms and I thought I was “keeping it altogether.” I know what is feels like to spend decades in the façade of society’s messages and how engaged we can become with worry over “what other people think.” At times it was a painful process to learn to “let go” of what wasn’t working.

Today, I am lighter, more joyful and feel success from the inside out! Trust me! I get you. I’ve been there and I am still making my way out! I put my boxing gloves on! You can too!

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